- Hmm..last week, we learnt about the new topic..on title BREAKING THE BAD NEWS..

the most part that i like to learn is about how important for a doctor to know the lay term instead of using the medical term in their career...

-why??haha, because we as the future doctor cannot assume that all people are know about the medical term.. in the other hand one example of the medical term,'hypoglycosemia'..i imagine that if i am the patient at that time i may just confuse and say.."haa?what actually this doctor talking about??

-actually hypoglycosemia maening that the low production of glucose in our body..hmm, just tell the patient the most clearer meaning for that kind of term so that they will know about their problem..you should agree with me...hehe...

-hmm..last week also i have to do our class role-play for this topic..(miss, i really love to do this activity..=D) and my partner on that time was a GUY...FARIS..huhu..but he is okay and he also really help me with my dialouges in our discussion..everything Ok!!=p

-the other interesting activity for this english class was when miss divided us into some groups and we have to find and write all the words that are related to the PAIN..any words!!miss ask to find at least 20 words but hehe..some groups found almost 90 words!!great!!!hmm i love this activity so much..why??because FUNNY+INTERESTING..funny because the words given by the each groups sometimes were not related to the main theme..hehe..

-cannot wait for the next english class..our REAL ROLE-PLAY will start next week!!if i not mistaken..huhu,Dayah is my partner for that one role play..

+++++++++++got to now..bye2+++++++++++

really enjoy your class, miss...TQ..=)