The days in this week such a busy days for me..too much things that i have to do.I've to do that,have to do this,have to go there, have to go here, everywhere...ermm, what else?haa! went to the hospital in main campus to settle up my medical check-up as it frayed my head for a long time! Huh...but i'm really genuinely relieved as i can settle it, so i do not have to leave the class anymore...(^_^)~huhu

Guess what are another things that make me more busy??Ha!ha!a lot of assingment of course!! assingments,assingments and assingments..Want to know, until this day, i've almost 5 assingments to do...Wow!!5 assingments that i've to ensure that i can finish all of them before my marks for the final exam will be deducted if i fail to send my assingments to the lecturer..No!no! i don't want to loose my marks!!So. i've to make sure that i can finish up and send them somewhen in July..July??One month from now!! Arghh..=o(hehe just a gimmick..)..ermx, actually although i'm very busy with the assingments, but i never feel too much stress, cause i know this is the COMMON and MUST works that every university students have to do... I'm realize that i'm not in Standart 1 anymore or i'm the girl who are in the Form 1..but, i'm a student in an institute of HIGHER LEARNING!!hey, Fatin..Wake up!!You have to face all those things!!!come on!

Hmm..sometimes i feel that it's hard to me to manage my time to all those works because i'm also busy to do my own revision especially for these three subjects
-->physiology,biology and biochemistry.. sometimes i always think what should i do?timetable?group discussion? or another ideas that can help me to do my revisions and at the same time i'm also manage to to do my assignments..Quite difficult hah??But, i realize that i have to keep on believe that there must be any solution to overcome all those difficulties.. Allah The Almighty also said in His Great Quran, referring to surah Al-syarh;

"And it's true that there will be easiness for every difficulties"
(94:6) is absolutely true that there are some ways to solve my problems..and I've to work hard to find the best way that can make me manage my busy life at INTEC..Busy,busy,bussyyy..haha..Hey, got to go now!! i want to find some information related to the ANATOMY DEVELOPMENT..Yeah! Quite interesting topic..OK,bye!
...............................BYE BYE...........................................