- "Hey!!! i don't want to involve in this public speaking!!"that was my first words when i saw the advertisement about this programme..hmm..but lastly i have no choice when one of my class member suggested that ALL MEG5 members are compulsory to enter that programme...

-Hmm...these all began when Ulya(the spelling??if i not mistaken..) came to our class with his pity face at that time...(haha..) asked us to send the representatives to enter this public speaking..and because of his pity look all of us were agreed to join it..all of us must to speak in arabic..em..ok la..i just nodded my head as i agree to enter that public speaking..

-24 june was my turn..when i was at the seminar room at cemara college where the events was held there were some people talked with the usage of many type of languages..including arabic,russian,malay,english and others..all the topics of their talks were very interesting...

-then,it was my turn to give my talk,hmm around 9.40 am...haha ok la..i give a short talk in arabic language on topic 'the advantages and disadvantages of internet in our life'..

-well this is the benefit activity that i think that i have to involve next time..hmm the thing that make we,the intec student proud with when this public speaking was recorded in tne MALAYSIA BOOK OF RECORD as the longest non-stop public speaking...great!!!as one of the student that participate in this activity i really proud!!

++++++thats all...bye2++++++

10 languages....waa..

~my certificate...hehe..