This week, we learnt more about grammar...
How to use the right grammar..hmm seriously i 'm very worry about my grammar.. Miss,sometimes i still make grammar mistakes..huhu..
i hope that by doing the grammar exercise that miss Hasnaa gave to us i can improve my grammar..
(^-^)i hope so!
Then..this week also the week for MOCK roleplay..hehe..quite interesting!!
My partner dayah and i also had to do MOCK role play on that Wednesday...Emm..everything OK! miss just comment us on our not too OK role play ending..Hehe i act as a mother that had been diagnose to have tuberculosis..
The most best pair for MEG5..hehehe..of course Afiq and Naim..both of them hahaha too funny!!
Hmm..of course our miss Hasnaa enjoy with their roleplay..em, i hope that all my friends in MEG5 can do well in the real mock roleplay..thank you miss for your good advice and comment that you had given to me and Dayah..
Before i forgot...miss can i know where did you bought the tasty yummmm fried bananas???
~very delicious!!! i indulgence myself on that day.. THANK YOU MISS for that fried banana...=D