Hmm...what i'm going to post for this day haa?Hehe, actually this is my first post.. just want to share about my first day at intec. 17 May i'm started to register there..and i'm very happy cause finally i will be a student again after being 'rest' for 2 months..quite boring because nothing that i've to do at home!!and of course i'm really excited to go to intec..meet my friends cause i know that there will be kisasians were selected to intec..:-)

Everything ok on the first day there...huhu now i'm already stay at kolej cemara and my room is on the 4th floor..hmm,it's ok la even i know i will be tired to step to my room..haha,whatever..
When i reached my room, my new friends already be there..all of them are very nice and friendly..so,we started to know each other on that day.. My new roomate is Dayah and she's from Kedah..she is so nice and always smile..her smile make me pleasure with her.:-D

As new students at intec,we were very busy with MMS..i thought MMS is about multimedia or the intec's organisation when i first heard about it..but haha it is actually stands for Minggu Mesra Siswa..we were divide into 22 groups and all the group's members were selected from all the programs including russian,middle east and korean programs.I'm one of the members from group 5 and i became an assistant leader for that group..ermx,nothing special about MMS week i think..everything ok...huhu

So, i think i want to stop here..no ideas!!hehe..bye2..